The Billionaire Brothers Bob and David GoBet in Asia

The Billionaire Brothers Bob and David GoBet in Asia is a well-known name in the Asian gambling business. Not only have they become popular in Asia, but they are now growing in popularity in the United States.

They have garnered millions of fans and have been the subject of many media outlets. Their two teams – The Bob the Gambler’s Gamblers and the David the Gambler’s Gamblers have both won millions of dollars in millions of hands of poker and sports wagering.

In October of 2020, the Billionaire Brothers Bob and David GoBet in Asia traveled to Australia where they went to the Sydney casinos where they tried their luck on the poker tables.

The Billionaire brothers hit the jackpot and took home five million dollars which were the first time they had ever won five million dollars in a single game of poker. They also went to the casino and spent a lot of money on VIP suites at the casinos.

They did this because they were able to find out the VIPs of the casinos who gave them different incentives like free drinks and gifts. They even walked in on their wives who were gambling and caught them red-handed.

These games were not shown games, but actually, players who were skilled and the billionaires wanted to see how skilled these players were.

Their Australian adventure was only the first trip for the bobs and Davids in that they went to Thailand and Macau. As soon as they returned to the United States they immediately started a betting account and bought a branded watch that was unique to them.

This watch contains a chip that can be controlled and programmed to bet only at a certain place. When the chip reaches that point it will automatically bet the bankroll you want it to bet at. This is a great invention that can be used for all sorts of reasons, for gambling and everyday use.